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Delhi Democracy

Delhi Elections

What Delhi did on Feb 10th 2015 is historic as one of the best days in Indian democracy. Critics across the world had written the obituary of Arvind Kejriwal and his party after he quit as Chief Minister for barely 49 days. The current prime minister Mr. Modi branded him as AK49 akin to AK47. That was the low ball to use as a sitting PM – which would cost him on 10th. Later AAP dug their grave when they ran for Lok Sabha elections especially Kejriwal contesting against the then most popular figure across  India Mr. Modi himself. AAP was decimated in the elections, even Delhi their strong hold had lost all the Lok Sabha seats. It was a loud and clear message from Delhi – don’t mess with us.

Fast forward few months or so, AAP is back campaigning for Delhi. Critics and opponents branded Kejriwal as ‘Bagoda’. In the beginning when AAP went door to door, people slammed their doors on APP’s face, rightly so; they ware hurt. Then the biggest thing happened in Politics, Kejriwal openly apologized to Delhiites for quitting. He held various small discussions and attended all media interviews and said, “I made a mistake by quitting as Delhi CM, I should not have done that”, the media repeatedly asked the same question over and over and his answer was a humble “sorry”. Kejriwal had committed a political suicide. Even Congress jumped into the elections claiming absolute majority now. It is seen as a weakness of a leader to admit his mistakes. Politicians in the past have committed grave mistakes, but when media confronts them, they have either thrown fits or always talked around it, never really addressing the question.

Political pundits might attribute the AAPs landslide victory to the failures of BJP, the negative campaigning  – top leaders including the sitting union minster denigrated the opponent as “chor”, a weak man who coughs all the time, para-trooping Ms Bedi at the last moment. None of this would have mattered. At the end it was the Delhiites that had decided that they wanted to give a second chance to this young and humble party, which looked and acted like a common man. Kejriwal’s apologies seemed sincere and rest is history.


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  1. anandkumarrs
    February 22, 2015

    Good post!! While on this please do read my post – Deciphering the cAAPital Verdict!! –
    Fedback most welcome. Thanks

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